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Customized solutions

OMT offers a wide range of customized fuel injection equipment dedicated to addressing the specific requirements of our customers’ engines in the medium-speed and low-speed segments.
Our fuel injection systems cover a broad range of engine power outputs, from 1,000 to 80,000 kW, and encompass the following products:

Conventional ‘pump-line-nozzle’ injection systems for diesel fuel and heavy fuel oil

Unit Pumps, Plungers & Barrels

Fuel Valves, Nozzles and Atomizers

Electronically Controlled Common Rail Injectors

High-Pressure Rails & Double-Wall Pipes

Gas Pre-chambers, Valves & Dual-Fuel Injectors

Solenoid Valves & Power Electronics For Driving Pumps and injectors

Other High-Precision Injection Components and Hydraulic Control Devices