20 July 2024, 3:58 pm

O.M.T. - The Heart of Injection


In the Via Roma in Turin during the Thirties, one could admire the majestic arcades that were taking shape, as well as the Piazza Castello, a prime example of architecture from the baroque period, mixed with the pioneering flair of the Littoria Tower, the first iron framework building in Turin.

In this environment of evolution, Giovanni Musso was inspired to establish the Officine Meccaniche di Torino. He was driven by the desire to create an industrial company with a family atmosphere, following an unobtrusive approach that produced a highly effective synthesis of innovative products based on the values of technology and human endeavour.

Since then many challenges have been confronted and mastered, and many market successes celebrated over years of uninterrupted strategic investment in continuous technological development.

Today the values in which we still believe in and which we daily affirm, have made us one of the main suppliers in our field: our products are used and approved by the world's major builders of medium and large engines in the marine, industrial and railway sectors..

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