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O.M.T. - The Heart of Injection


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In 2010, OMT celebrated the 80th anniversary of its foundation. Within a single lifetime, Officine Meccaniche Torino S.p.A. has grown from a small mechanical workshop to a modern high-technology company employing more than 200 people. As a family-owned company which is small compared to most of our customers, our ambition is to be as efficient and professional in our way of working as the larger companies we serve.

Our mission is summed up succinctly in our motto, "The HeArt of Injection".

As a leading company in the business of fuel injection for large marine diesel and gas engines, we put our heart into our work, being passionate about developing and manufacturing fuel injection systems as one of the core technologies on our customers' engines. A technology that gives our customers competitive advantages via achievement of the most demanding performance targets and the most stringent emissions regulations.

On the other hand, the level of innovative technology and advanced know-how at OMT, complemented by our 80 years of practical experience, constitute the art of Injection. That is to say, the grand total of our expertise, continuously acquired constantly developed and applied every working day to ensure our customers receive the most advanced fuel injection systems.

Looking to the future of OMT, we are determined to further build on our position as a leading systems supplier to the large engine industry and to grow with products developed in-house and tailored to the future needs of our customers. The research and development we undertake within OMT and our continuous investment into the quality and efficiency of our manufacturing technologies are the key to achieving 100% customer satisfaction and securing a sustainable business model for our company's future.

Thus, as you see, OMT is all about the HeArt of Injection.

Giovanni Musso
President & CEO,
O.M.T .S.p.A.

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